New classy interior design villa black color

With so much emphasis on sleek modern interior design space. It is interesting to enjoy a little extra inspiration at any time with this mansion. The following exploration house shares many of the features of neoclassical design.

This design was an elegant and sophisticated style that appeared in the mid-1700s. But it kept its popularity until the early 1800s. French style interior design (Rococo) That is the style of architecture usually has curved decorations. And often focus on the decorative patterns. Many people think that it was just a frivolity at the time. And just as fashionable as it was in those days.

In addition, neo-classicalism is the revival of Greek classicalism. This French style is considered to be the most complete in its elegant style. In the design of the interior walls or furniture of the villas, homes of French residents.

First, look at an ancient approach to the style of Louis XVI. It has a slightly dark and comfortable theme but avoids the feeling of imposing. In fact, darker colors actually help the delicate space feel more comfortable and intimate. It was a truly amazing turning point in neoclassical design: not a reproduction but a creative way of exposing it. Even lighting options show respect for the house's past. These glass pendants are inspired by the famous chandeliers. It is used to highlight major opera houses around the world.

A neo-classical house can have light colors. But the imperfect look used here is more appealing to modern understanding of ancient aesthetics. Bells are a popular way to protect valuables. Divide it out of dirt and other latent contaminants. Today, people often see the Edison lamp in the decoration. But this lamp has been developed into efficient LEDs.

Here, you can see the beautiful bricks occupying the space between the windows in rural style.

Who does not want to try dressing in a space like this. Maybe this room is not big enough for 2 people. But it also has the power to contain quite a lot of it!


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