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Opal Garden apartment for 2 bedroom family

The design of the family apartment at Opal Garden is one of the designs we rely on to survey the needs of our customers. An apartment with modern design style and always provide the most necessary functions for a family.

This apartment is different from other apartments in that the customer wants a desk in the living room. We have designed a fit for both the sofa and the work space.
A small desk is small enough but does not create a cramped look for people sitting on the sofa. Combined with a desk is a few small shelves just enough to put materials and some items needed for work.

The apartment has a small living room, so we do not design many shelves, only create simple shelves, just enough to prevent chills.

The glass partition will divide the work area and the cabinet to create the feeling of sitting in the office. In addition, this wall separates the space when guests pass from the main door looking into the house.


The dining table is designed in the same color of light wood as the floor tiles to create a uniform tone for the apartment.
A shelf located close to the dining table to facilitate the placing of bottles of wine to decorate or the canned need to cool places.


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