Penthouse interior design invests in business class

This penthouse has many features. The color, texture and type of angel interior design make this space diverse and luxurious. Play these three elements to bring a sense of excitement to your own space.


This loft maximizes space but may not. The stairs are a nice place. Here, the designer created a space for hanging jackets and a place to wear shoes. Discover creativity and creativity through your own stairs and see how to maximize your gadgets.


The bold background brings an uncomfortable feeling to this modern loft. The contrast between rust and green is also complimenting each other.


This space attracts your eyes, white cylindrical chandeliers, black chandeliers and high-walled logs. While this incredible penthouse has high ceilings, you can use this element in your own space to create the illusion of more space.


The thin lines of the bookshelf in the attic are reflected in this beautiful chair. The combination of the various elements of the room exquisitely brings together the space.


This loft can be white, but nothing but sight. Our love of space is how wallpaper flows from the restaurant into the kitchen, bringing continuity to two separate spaces. From the restaurant with potted herbs and tables, the kitchen is also very environmentally friendly. Combine your independent space with color.


You are not a match. The loft's attic kitchen has stripes and colors, peach and maroon - in stark contrast to the green of other spaces. But it did fix the kitchen and played a warm forest island.


Hanging racks are a great way to save space and showcase some of the best kitchen utensils and silverware.


This penthouse is very beautiful and everything looks luxurious, even though it is neat. Whether it's the beautiful lines of glass or the worn surface of the scaffold, the surface and texture (neutral) of this space feels luxurious and worry-free.


Persian rugs are now all the rage, and the attic uses this beautiful light blue rug to take this trend to new heights. While the rest of the space is quite clean and neutral, the egg-colored robin rug brings warmth to the bed and headboard as well as the rest of the space. Use it as an inspiration to bring a twist to the old Persian tapestry in your home.


Don't you want to be comfortable on this big bed with cappuccino and sunday paper? This attic bedroom is comfortable, charming and luxurious - all elements can be integrated into your own space. The top of the tufted ring is familiar, but with a warm leather twist. This beautiful photo is based on a wall and is perfect for books and other household items.


If we learn something from this space, it is the surface. Wood, stone and glass surfaces can be neutral, but their luster and texture are consistent, giving the space a sense of luxury.


The velvet green chair has a warm hue in the bottom of the fishbone to bring some cool tones to this warm yellow and olive space.


This loft suite is very luxurious. Whether it's the glossy surface of this coffee table or the sleek carpet, the contrast is the chic design of SOTA&CO.


The fish room in the living room and dining room is brought to the kitchen in the attic, making the space feel open and united.


The walls of this penthouse hall are in trouble, making the space feel much larger than it actually is and extending the landscape to space. Consider adding your own big mirror to one of your rooms to make it feel bigger.


This space screams gracefully. From the skyline view to the coffee table with fireplace. Although you can't recreate this view for your yard, you can use your stylish monochrome and the surface of this space to get your own luxury inspiration.


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