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Principles to remember during interior design

When you just own an apartment, it is important for you to have an interior design that you know of. Because when looking for a designer you will find a lot of conflicting opinions. So you have to be prepared in your head with the basic knowledge is still better, will not change direction when the opposite opinions.

Choose for your sofa set a contrasting pillow will give your space more emphasis.

Sleeping space will be more spacious if you design the bed as high as the picture.

Choose the apartment for a bright background color, your space will be wider.

If possible, use bright interior with the main color, the more luxurious.

If you own a small flat, use the sliding door to save space.

Instead of using plastic mats use a waterproof mats that will help your bathroom clean.

Part of the corridor becomes a beautifully decorated place so this is great.

Most luxury apartments have two head lights?

That's one of the rules to make the room warmer!

For interior design, using the carpet color too bold or too big will make the space smaller.

The use of sofas so often will lose more opportunities to make your space more beautiful.


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