Cafe Hotel

Project Design The Coffee House Tran Cao Van

The Coffee House is a place where young people now know most. The youthful lifestyle and interior design make it more alive. The Cao Cao Van Coffee House is one of our successes as well as the business of trusting us.

The color is the same, the elegance. Dark coffee milk speaks to the owner of the restaurant clearly. Creating commute space is primarily for guests and caterers to move comfortably.

With a symmetrical, long bench, long table, side table group. Create more choice for customers. There are more concerns about whether the seat is as intended. Light enough for guests to feel, not too bright, mainly in the evening. During the day, this design utilizes almost the natural light of the sun. View Bar.

Barender has a very smart light design that can flick things like cups. Impress customers when ordering food or drinks.

View through the glass out.

Any cafe space has a view to make the most valuable points. The more beautiful the view, the more crowded it should be .. That is why we should focus on this angle.

The green of the boxes grow the leaves, adding a bit of green space to a young environment. Placed on the shelf with utility design for customer use along. Customers can use to put things or have the phone charger very useful


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