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Scandinavian inspired interior design apartment

Gray and white are commonly used as background colors or complementary colors for other colors. And especially it is very suitable for Scandinavian style. These colors are the most powerful assistant in this room in interior design. If you like the Scandinavian style or try this extremely effective color

Space design interior living room. Our first space was an apartment decorated in gray, white and green. The green spaces are interwoven between the compact plants on the table and on every corner of the space. Besides, it also doubles the feeling from the hanging green plants made of art fabric.

From the wall is decorated with raw brick, the emphasis is to create a unique space. To the flat floor, the tapestry scattered in the same elegant gray.

A cushioned couch as beautiful as a bed. Together with the chandelier, a party in a white fabric, provides the exact contrast. Two leather cushions make the contrast more shiny. By combining solid gray and white color across the two sides of the chair.

Interior design kitchen interior.

The dining room has a variety of furniture, interspersed with trees. The black and white LED lights produce a monochromatic chandelier Next to a dark gray wall, a wooden dining table and chairs made from natural wood.

A round glass mirror and ladder slant adds a designer hint; A black bookcase, wicker baskets and a tree and a lantern were decorated with delicate decor.

While gray and white portraits create more contemporary questions in the conversation.

Space design bedroom furniture.


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