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Scandinavian interior design for an area of 35m2

Scandinavian interior design for the interior of the small area of ​​35m2 will satisfy your hidden beauty. A design that features wood-paneled surfaces with rustic charm.

When you wake up in the morning, people will feel every bit of light rolling through the windows, creating an impeccable "light and wood" work.

At night, you will be delighted to find that a smart bed is hidden inside a full cabinet. The traction of the area can be easily moved in and out thanks to the reasonable layout architect.

One of the interesting things about this open design is that the kitchen is the place to decorate a small apartment. A well-designed kitchen wall will be a real hit when you own them.

A small sofa set with a large dining table also shows the simple touch when choosing the size of your interior furniture. White interior, warm yellow wood will increase the brightness for this small house a lot.


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