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Scandinavian interior design for the young couple

Scandinavian interior design can be a great option for families looking for a design that can unify their home. Not only does Scandinavian design encourage minimalism along with bright spots of color and interior objects that represent individuality for any space.

This is an interior design project in Odessa, Ukraine.

The two story house is designed for a 3 year old family with a living space on the attic.

Home furnishings are designed according to the idea of ​​Scandinavian, including the elements of simple furniture.

The main living area is on the first floor and quite spacious, with furniture like Scandinavian style.

The central element in the living space is the large hardwood dining table.

In the kitchen, simple dark wardrobes and indoor plants make for a very clean look for this space.

Overhead lighting makes the ceiling feel taller and the whole space feels more open.

In the bedroom space is designed to favor Tropical a bit to create a light ray absorbed in the cold air of the Scandinavian style.

The finishing of the wood on the desk increases the warmth and design of the interior.

The concept of natural wood is shown through the floor with beautiful and delicate wood beams.

Unique sofas in this room are an interesting contrast opposite while providing a perfect sofa for thinking or even a nap for space.


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