Scandinavian style in a harmonious way

To create a successful use of Scandinavian interior design as a basic structure. Here with decorations, the furniture is a perfect blend of pattern and tone. This will make the details are creative, not cluttered, cluttered difficult to solve.

The first of the designs we use Scandinavian backgrounds to display the colors in the same tone. In the lounge, dark yellow tones include a kitchen and bedrooms and chairs, covered with white walls.

A black desk and a gray mat, they make the gray color connect continuously. That helps to reflect their tone in the two sketches on the sofa.

Sofas and gray wardrobes give way to a direct view of the hanging lamp hanging paintings. The paintings are also covered in gray with the same color.

An array of white and terracotta plants extracts space with a lively feel.

The implications for Scandinavian influence appear in space. Standing on a light wooden floor, a classic white wooden kitchen chair will be erected on the base of a wooden base.


The dining room has a simple white table and chairs, alternating with the back seats.


White heaters achieve fresh space. Opening the space through the white windows, a light, airy feeling allows the shades to shine.

Wood flooring like mangroves grows through the natural sunlight, making them more lively.

Wine shelves and a few garden pots are linked together through the same wall. A special corner to keep children or adults from accidentally breaking.

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