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Scandinavian style interior design sweet

Highlights for Scandinavian interior design will bring the lightest. The colors of Scandinavia are very selective, so what color is reasonable? It is also a great question for Scandinavian apartments.

Kitchen space 

The traditional design of the kitchen is clean but still holds romantic feelings. Wooden cabinets and drawers are interspersed with classic white cabinets. And the white acrylic sheets floated behind the white kitchen panel. That was a bit of a modern design. 

Apartment area of ​​nearly 180m2 will show how the layout of this large house. Divide the space into 9 spaces in life. Creating a cool, light but not "cold" feeling because the area is quite wide. 

There are three living spaces in the same big room. Each area is allocated space through color and individual feeling.

The chair is laid for the man at the table. While an LED marble chandelier flashed into the living room. Chrome lights and tree lights create a sense of accomplishment. 

Just beside the living room, dining room bring a lot of different feelings. Is divided by a graphic illustration on a simple white bookshelf. A simple wooden table with silk-screened chairs show classic twists on the traditional family desk. 

While the lanterns hang in different lengths, a bamboo fence raises its head out of the box. Whether looking for or from the kitchen, the dining room seems separate. 

Bedroom space.

Master bedroom uses details to soothe the simplicity. Painted by using a chiseled wall, its lines reflect simple white paintings and bookshelves. 

The curtain from the kitchen frame is a black felt mattress and acts as a characteristic wall. Golden jewel cases and boxes create a sense of luxury, as reflected in the dining room light 

Room swing is also a common interior design when large areas. 

Bathroom uses LED light theme to its advantage. Make white marble shiny. Overcoming the contours, it fits in gray before contrasting with simple white porcelain. The wooden flooring is black and the towel hooks are chrome in the rest. 

Living room space. 

The living room is designed after the sofa as a single row of wooden planks. Co-ordinate with wood floors and sofas to create a monotonous feel. Emphasize that two other chairs are lit in the middle of the living room. 

The corner of the house is decorated with small bamboo trees around the nature to the room. Television set for marble and other dining tables. It gives us a sense of peace of mind when it comes to having a naughty child playing around with it.

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