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The design of outdoor stairs are

As in the interior design must have pictures to decorate the interior of the apartment. Likewise, great works are displayed on stairs creating extremely unique designs. Here we will take a look at the photos in the collection of stairs most prominent in the world offline!

The unique "highlight" in Chicago always attracts young people every day in the world.  

This staircase is formed from the idea of ​​"big size" gravel stacked overlapping to create a work.

Work by interior designer Roberto Semprini, Italy.

The work in Venice is made up of old books from the book lovers' union.

The ultra-luxurious leather liner in Greece is a bit expensive.

But in return it brings a smooth footage and a work for the world.

Formed in 3D paper, the work brings beauty to the people here, except when it rains.

3D drawing always brings the best view of space scenery.

But this work is neatly arranged in a small space stairs this is perfect.

You will easily find these artful 3D drawings in Seoul, Korea.

In Cile, people portray the piano keys in the simplest way to express their passions.

A similar Piano performance in Turkey.

Traveling through India, you will be surprised to see the image of stairs quite modest and artistic like this.

A little point for people to "bored" than to conquer the stairs many impressive in Italy.

The pattern is brilliant in San Francisco, California.

The work is made up of 100 steps consisting of 100 trees planted in the gardens of Awaji Island, Japan.

A staircase or a picture?


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