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The design of quality apartments with warm colors - Ms Mai Anh

The new modern interior design of this apartment uses excellent color gamut. It consists of red light elements incorporating red color that are widely used in the space. Almost every lamp is used "it" to bring the apartment warmth and mysterious appeal.

Living room space has decorative walls "stacked" This place will bring a different character than the traditional house designed. The angular elements will be a smart place to hide the interior of the apartment.

The colorful touches that seem to catch the window light just from this corner. The lively green pillows and gold wall paintings actually add to the "warmth" character of the room.

Interior design in dark green color continues to encroach space in the kitchen. As well as the application of integrated yellow light, the kitchen and guest have a close color link together.

A second reception area in the bedroom has a bright and white theme than the living room.

This is a great view in the bedroom The space is covered by a beautifully integrated light theme with some subtle lighting fixtures.

The oak wood is definitely covered with drawers, wardrobes and small desks.

This will be a place for you to sit up to check email before going to the main office in the morning.

This is a home office, wooden desk made from the same wood used in the bedroom.

High ceilings and distinctive walls combine to create a very impressive entrance. This will definitely attract the imagination of any guests as soon as they arrive.

A large mirror amplifies the room area in a very subtle way, as a highlight.

At least three types of materials for the stone structure make this bathroom stand out clearly. Only if you think this house can not become a luxury factor, this space will challenge every expectation.


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