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The harmonious combination holds wood and stone in interior design

An intrepid interior design with wood furniture combining stone walls creates the perfect space for your living. If you arrange them near the window in the morning, they will shimmer than ever because of the light of wood. Let's go Angel visit!

Can you see the beauty of wood when they are naturally struck by light?

The house has very little lighting, along with a simple wooden ceiling that creates a close proximity to nature.

Not only the ceiling, both the wall and floor are designed in opposition to each other to create a synchronized block.

Architects must use different pieces of wood to create each space segment, which is great.

Step inside the bedroom, you will see how the design is like guest space, but the wood texture is another.

Although the surface is slightly rugged so the floor is rarely used but here the owner wants a design not in contact.

The simplest possible night light is with a long, round cord and some other color on the contact part of the spotlight.

In this design, the inside of the bathroom is covered with the same stone surface as the stone benches used in the school.

The stone here will help to increase the durability, not worry about moisture is great is not it.


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