Interior design for rent

The interior design of the apartment has an excellent L-shaped area - Mr.Long

Interior design for a young fashion expert at the L apartment is quite great for the architect. They created an extremely comfortable place after hours of straight work before the evening began. The cool design combines the dark atmosphere of black and gray creating something very romantic, for a private apartment.

First we have a plan that combines the warm moments of a sweatshirt, like the modern sofa that is seen here.

The colors soften and brighten the entire space here.

A multimedia kit provides a display that does not require decorative details to create a living space for movie viewing.

Modern sofas are arranged in an L shape to divide the lounge area and the kitchen.

A perfect area is designed to keep the DVD movie collection or game console and controller hidden away from sight.

A watch is expected to fill the concrete wall when the screen is retracted.

A potted plant grower on a coffee table doubles the level of relation to an industrial room style.

In the bedroom, the floor lamp stands at the location of a bedside table.

Farther along the wall, a neon neon lamp motivates the party.

Again, the apartment furniture in this room was wrapped in a light bulb to open the cap for the gray concrete surroundings.

The smooth wood floor provides an additional view of the cozy comfort of the room.

The blue neon light of the print lamp is repeated around the edge of the floating bedroom compartment.

The light above is kept simple and the air with the performance of just a few small lights adds a touch of romance.

Two large green bin created between bedroom space a bit blue of nature is also very necessary.

Floor dividers also work in the direction of identifying two different areas.

Entrance to the area next to the living room provides a glimpse into the living room thanks to the bold wooded wall.

The bathroom is located opposite the entrance, which is the link for the only corridor running between the living room / kitchen and the bedroom.

In the washroom, a strip of light green light emitted to the storage cabinets.

The light under the cabinet brightens the empty area to emphasize objects placed there.

A bathroom on the left, WC is hidden behind a wall on the right.

The concrete floor decks are spread out with a concrete wall next to it.

The bathroom can be accessed directly through the glass door from the bedroom, acting as a private bathroom.

A small-off-shot from the living room provides a cozy corner in which to enjoy a glass of wine combining large screen views.

A dangling chair provides a sway for you while you sip and watch the bustling urban scene on the outside.


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