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The rustic interior design still looks good

As the title suggests, this apartment evokes a rustic interior design of rustic wood cabin. Wood paneling is a modern style that is quite refined and sophisticated to meet the criteria of a standard home. At this apartment, the main material used is warm wood, bringing serenity and simplicity in the apartment space.

Decorate Star Wars movie as a highlight of this simple space.

The more beautiful legs of the table show the elegance of the line, the bookcase full of lid and glass of wine with great taste.

Longer surfaces make the space more spacious and luxurious, while the different types of wood materials provide an industrial feel.

Throughout the apartment, design details reflect the meeting between nature and man-made.

In the kitchen, a white ceramic chair kisses on a wooden breakfast table, tiled floor and wooden floor dividing the space below.

The family office incorporates a black and wood desk together, with a metal panel in front of the wooden wall.

The wooden walls, floors and details act as the bond between space and warmth wherever they lead.

Corridors and cabinets are decorated on top-down wall hangers, framed by white walls.


The wood elements in the bathroom are suggested in the middle of the brick and marble. Wide reflective mirrors reflect clean white ceramics, chrome material devices attached to the industry. The private bathroom has a full-textured black marbled wall creating harmonious detail.


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