The style of office furniture design highlights in 2018

The interior design of the creative company's workspace will promote the minds of employees. The following is the latest design in 2018, suitable for small to large offices.

Company: Kostow Greenwood Architects.

Project: East store of VSP Global.

Website: New York.

Features: Zaneen round stools and vertical stools with recordable surfaces are determined by the laboratory of the innovative eye care company.

Stantec Valley Forge Fabrics headquarters.

Company: Stantec.

Project: Valley Forge Fabric Headquarters.

Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Features: Fabric lining defines the reception area of ​​the company's headquarters, with bright colors on the floors and walls.

Komar Brands Studio Building Headquarters.

Company: Studio building.

Project: Komar Brands headquarters.

Location: Jersey City, New Jersey.

Highlights: Natural light serves as the hallmark of the clothing company's office, while the stairs open and store special materials that allow transportation for 500 employees. office of Nefa Architects.

Company: Nefa Architects.

Project: office.

Location: Moscow, Russia.

Features: The black letters scattered on the floor refer to the newspaper type of the new office office of the 19th century factory.

WME | Voca's IMG office. Photographic photography by Will Ellis. Company: Vocon.

Project: WME | IMG Office

Website: New York.

Highlights: In the corporate office of talent, the 15 screens of the media wall provide the latest news, while charging with the walls of life and a library provided by a library corner.

The laboratory frame design was provided by Cory Grosser + Associates. Photograph: Benny Chan. Company: Cory Grosser + Associates.

Project: Power Distribution Frame Design Laboratory.

Location: Pasadena, California.

Highlights: The employees of the company's technical laboratory, made of black steel, rough concrete and rough sawn timber, can see the glass wall for rapid prototyping.