Two modern living room designs are the most popular

From material to light to design, stylish interior design trends are far from near a very great view. Living room space will present the most daring modern design. Interwoven between the individuality of each home that spatial space will have individual characteristics, personality.

The first living room.

This bright white living room uses light yellow as the mainstay. The open layout is very comfortable to "move", full natural light is provided from the windows, windows.

Light is a great feature to help guide your eyes from one functional area to the next. Here, the sofa design under the big lights "focus" on the sofa light to emphasize it subtle.

Furniture is combined with earth materials is a perfect combination to "contrast" the color. The dining room has a great "view" position as well as a living room. A picture hanging "brilliant color" as a highlight for the dining room space.

This perfect painting combines the natural colors used in dining and living spaces.

Apartment interior can not lack the charm of chrome round chandeliers are hanging at the table. At the table and chairs own chairs "break" creates a beautiful picture

A corner of the corridor is arranged kitchen system is very convenient, separated from the living room by the stairs.

Second living room space.

This is a living room interior design that brings warmth and natural detail. The ceiling is completely different from the "gravity" from the wood surrounding the white walls.

The polished pattern light is too familiar for the apartment today. But using its design to match and measure the number of lights is not easy.

Third living room space.

The walls are painted reddish brown creating a "quiet" with white interior provides a harmonious space. The space that covers the cubes is the round table that "breaks" that monotony.

Large TV shelves are installed after the television set to focus on using the same "highlight" for the room.

Simple green tiles are used in apartment interiors.

The stairs help kitchen space "higher" to help the breakfast room. Along with the height also makes kitchen space more comprehensive view because it is not "obscured" by the living room space.


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