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Using innovative copper materials in home interior design

Environmentally friendly, long-term, continuous recycling, antibacterial, versatile; Copper is a great option to use around the house. There are a multitude of different ways to incorporate copper aesthetics into interior design, from small decorative accents, furniture and accessories, to all furniture, the entire kitchen, or pictures. Featured wall.


When looking at the covered copper, we can see that green creates a clear color combined with bronze decoration.


A large copper hanging lamp extends above the dining table behind the green sofa.


The green leaves and the brown branches of a bonsai twisted in front of the wall to give a bronze accent.


The dining table is combined with the kitchen island in a unique way of design art.


Above the home workspace, a green chandelier with a green pattern will be a good decoration for this space.


The uneven old copper effect of the wall panels works perfectly with the organic beauty of large bonsai trees.


Some floor tiles are dyed in bronze to bring aesthetics to the floor, warming the look of another gray space.


Art supplies are arranged on a copper palette wall.


Copper, green, black and white spray paint has been used to create a wall art for the living room.


Artwork brings together all the main color elements of the room.


The painting techniques simulate a patina (crafting color) on the old copper surface.


Abstract curved shapes compliment the organic form of bonsai trees.


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