Interior design Luxury

Vinhomes Golden River - the top living space of the elite.

The apartment is located at Luxury Tower 6 - the leading luxury apartment tower in the Vinhomes Golden River project, fully meeting the criteria of space and ideal living environment.

With an area of ​​126 m2, apartment L6. 23-02 at the 23rd floor of Luxury 6 building is one of the high-class projects that Angel has designed and constructed.

Overall, the apartment uses white gray tone, leading the interior trend by elegance and sophistication.

With simple interior design lines, neutral tone and reasonable layout, it has created harmony and spaciousness. In addition, the apartment is located in the corner so you can enjoy the natural light and watch the river view very nice. The subtle combination of interior and exterior space, makes the apartment always full of vitality. Not only that, in order to create more coziness and make the most of the lighting effects, Angel Interior also selects luxurious glass chandeliers, golden light, creating a sense of relaxation and class.

The living room - kitchen is always the most important space and is taken care of most in an apartment. The layout has a connection between the seating area, the dining table and the kitchen to help the apartment become more convenient. The sitting area with corner sofa and soft fur rug creates comfort for juicy conversations. The 8-seater dining table with high backs is a suitable space for a warm family gathering. Although the kitchen is not too large, it is combined with the island to help ensure the functionality and aesthetics of the kitchen.

The bedroom, not too picky, cozy and airy but no less luxurious is the Angel Furniture style applied to the 3 bedrooms of this apartment. The semi-classical beds combine with the bench of the bed to create a highlight for the whole space. Warm tones, interior items are designed with simple lines, fully furnished but not too many furnishings. The bedroom has truly become a relaxing place, enjoying the 5-star hotel space and creating the most comfortable feeling for homeowners.


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