Cafe Hotel

Western-style interior design

With interior design, exterior style water as the main. Designers have come up with a smart idea. You can see the whole city through an ideal seat. Or from the decorated water lines are very sophisticated design.

Interior design high terrace.

The design of the rooftop space is central to the design of the home. The layout was created to maximize accessibility to the views. And water begins to appear at the entrance with a wall of water around it.

The most beautiful and comfortable viewing angle when you own this design. Get water for the beautiful space here.

At the main level of the house, water is represented by a decorative pool down to the spa below, then it becomes a 75-foot pool that runs down the slopes and onto the scenery. The entry into the house is a glass bridge over a pool below.

The sun still holds up "shady" to spoil the early morning.

The interior is not inferior to the exterior. Besides, there is also a "wall" oven that can all day produce dishes from it.

The master bedroom and study room are located on one side of the pool, the living area on the other. There are some media rooms and a four-floor car garage on the ground floor. The materials are large concrete, wood and stone, creating a soft, modern look.


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