Interior design knowledge

What do you want to do in the interior design industry?

In your daily life, are you often praised for having aesthetically pleasing color or interior design or self-portraiture? Do you like to arrange and decorate your home, the interior of your home or for your family? If you say "yes" then surely the interior design industry will be a suitable for you and us - Angel will show you some things you need to know when going on the design path!
1. You must distinguish between interior decoration and interior design.
The biggest difference between the interior designer and the decorator is the training background and qualifications. Anyone can become an interior decorator and the architect must go through a training process, learn the salary to become professional. Having a bachelor's degree through 5 years of training is very different from a few months of study that can be entered into the interior design
2. Interior design does not simply use colors and arrangements.
To become a professional interior design architect, not only owning your art knowledge, you also have to communicate well with the host, knowledgeable and capable of managing the work.
3. Salary depends on qualifications.
For a high salary it depends on the size, training and experience of yourself. The years of experience in the profile are the strength of the interior architect.
4. Ability to satisfy people and customers.
If you have had years of experience on the battlefield of design, you will come across countless customers countless countless. Because you do not satisfy customers with the products you created, simply because you can not read the mind of the customer to do just them. If you can read minds and please customers, you will surely be a good architect.
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