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White interior design with industrial wood color

White interior design with 1-bedroom industrial wood color for single people or newlyweds. Our final look around a copper-colored interior takes place in a mostly white house. . Although it is a small copper kitchen that dominates.

Modern color dining chairs blend in with the nuances of shiny kitchen furniture.

One bedroom glass wall is covered from floor to ceiling with a warm wood color.

Black appliances, countertops and kitchen sinks contrast sharply with copper colors in chairs.

The kitchen is in bronze color and the wooden parts inside the glass-walled bedroom blend in like a harmonious color.

White stripes and white sheets refresh new wood-paneled furniture.

White home accessories also work to cool the temperature of the room space.

Black and white balance decorative elements of open-plan living room.

The rest of the kitchen filled with white storage cabinets.

White storage cabinet doors and doors are flat in front so they blend into the empty canvas.

A private bathroom is accessed via a portrait next to the bedroom. Inside the bathroom, brass fixtures and brilliantly decorated hexagonal tiles add delicate patterns behind white vanity units and a modern toilet. Two white rattan baskets filled the space below the floating vanity table. A copper faucet fills the white vessel basin.

The hexagon continues into the inside of the bathroom, and around the room behind a white hot towel rail. A bronze shower and hand sanitizer stand out with a white shower wall.

Floor plan for studio apartment with glass walled bedroom and private bathroom.


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