Yellow perspective in interior design Scandinavia - Mr Khai

Here we have Scandinavian-style interiors, using passionate golden notes with varying proportions. There seems to be no limit when it comes to displaying a favorite color in a sitemap. home Whether you give it concentration around it or saturate the whole area. What style would you choose for the yellow to be honored?

The most eye-catching style in our first Scandinavian house was the modern yellow sofa that was a joy to behold.

If the same chair is covered with white, the eyes will go straight into it and will fill in the small space.

The yellow artwork on the sofa with colorful colorful story.

On the opposite side of the room is our bright sofa, an entertainment unit running under the TV.

A small seating area is incorporated to the left of the lower unit, while a yellow storage block at the other end contains a booklet.

We can also see that a narrow strip, in the wall separating the kitchen, was lined with a yellow frame to match.

The deep, deep blue color from some indoor plants makes for a nice contrast to the emphasized color.

The combination of color and leaf shape also evokes the beach feeling, with yellow representing the sand and sunshine for the palm.

The furnishings between the two colors were kept subtle in shades of gray wood and pale tone.

Metal stands on the table and the ball lights are also covered with yellow.

Devil's details: The small fringe of this tiny vase is yellow, making it a subtle emphasis on this room.

The other decorations on the table are quietly neutral.

In the neighboring room, we took a break from the sun.

Instead, the influence has been taken from the rich shade of the house tree.

The walls are painted in an emerald green.

The small room can control the darkness of the colors thanks to the wide windows where natural light pours.

Bath outside the kitchen singing in neat Scandi style.

A compact yellow vanity unit mounted on the floor, along with a yellow mirror frame.

The light pieces are balanced by the white plain surroundings and a small green plant.

Bamboo rattan and striped striped area in accordance with the beach plan.

In the white stone kitchen, the little yellow streaks were scattered to continue the theme through from the living area.

The golden bedroom drop is a metal game about the yellow story in this house.

A custom paint job for a good radio performance.

Only one color in the compartment is enough.

A stack of floats inside a stacked white shelf is an exciting way to pull a color without going through a small space.


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