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Interior design Sunrise City Apartment - Ms Ly

Sunrise City apartments are designed in contemporary style, combining different styles in one. The perfect blend makes the apartment more unique. Difficult to perceive standards are mainly designed style. That is the special of the interior design is quite creative from Angel. Space design interior living room.

Contemporary interiors are very popular and suitable for office or home use. The design of focused shapes and colors always makes this school so new. Pendants are an easy way of identifying contemporary design styles. The bulb is full of shape, power, it is an indispensable decoration to create its own unique.

The space of this contemporary style is blended to be very handy. All are expressed from the reasonable arrangement, optimal performance, artistic color coordination. Besides, this style will help the house into a comfortable and peaceful place.

It's a bit tricky to design a kitchen to squeeze the power of brick. The color is focused but the colors are cheerful. Decorated with multi-colored bricks to create a variety of vibrant, symmetrical patterns. As a result, the kitchen space is covered by a lively, colorful picture.


Space design interior living room.

Space design interior hygiene.

Angel interior design - beautiful design must have interior as you like.

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